The main project results include the following deliverables:

1) A detailed database of the thermal conductivity values from borehole thermal resistance data will be developed

2) Project website to disseminate the project result and the benefits to the shallow geothermal community and professionals who need to understand Irish subsurface ground conditions.

3) Reference values for sizing geothermal closed loop vertical collectors for Irish conditions leading to future development of correctly sized collectors.

4)  Recommendations with regard to the use of the project data in assessing the suitability of Irish geological conditions for the deployment of closed loop vertical collectors.  This will help inform future versions of collector suitability maps to be published by the GSI and facilitate local authorities in Ireland to understand the potential for deployment of geothermal systems when developing Renewable Energy Strategies and Sustainable Energy Action Plans

The final project data will provide a comprehensive summary of the behavior of the Ballyroan library system collector and present the data gathered during the project.  This will further enhanced with any additional data that may be made available by installers form other operating collectors.

The collector performance information will be used to perform a back analysis of the Ballyroan system  and it’s performance to determine operating rock thermal properties and compare these with both the input / design values to assess the suitability of the collector size but also with the resulting  thermal conductivity values gathered using both the laboratory and TRT test data in the Dublin area.  These data will assessed against the other locations where TRT tests and rock core samples have been undertaken in an attempt to understand the main controlling factors (e.g. lithology, mineralogy, porosity etc.) and provide a reference guide with respect to the sizing ground source collectors in Irish ground conditions.  This will be the main project deliverable and will form an integral part of any future installation and training or ground source professionals.

IGTP Final Report

Interactive Map

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