ShallowTHERM – Characterisation of Shallow Geothermal Properties

Irish Ground Thermal Properties  website is dedicated to the dissemination of data & results from Research Projects on Irish ground conditions.

A series of  project supported by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) the Geological Survey Ireland (GSI)  started in 2015, have provided new data on ground thermal properties.

The ShallowTHERM project is funded by the 2019 SEAI RD&D programme and has  mapping of thermal conductivity of bedrock at regional scale by using airborne Tellus Survey geophysical data using a work flow that integrates geophysical, geological and thermal conductivity data.

Three areas in the west of Ireland covered by the Tellus 2019 data set have been selected as test cases for testing the proposed ShallowTherm methdology.



The ShallowTherm project has been supported with financial contribution from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland under the SEAI National Energy Research, Development & Demonstration Funding Programme 2019, and Geological Survey Ireland (GSI) – Grant number 19/RDD/443. The project has also received in-kind contribution from GSI.