The IGTP Project Results have been compiled on this website as part of continued research on thermal conductivity properties of Irish soil types gathered over three successive phases, the first of which started in 2014.

To date the following data has been compiled as part of the IGTP research:

1) Database of average thermal conductivity values from Bedrock Formations – with the completion of the 2017 data sampling and analyses we now have considerable coverage across the country

2) Database of average thermal conductivity values for Irish Sub-soil types Рwith the completion of the 2017 field sampling and analyses, the project aims to integrate this data to facilitate other research initiatives that are focussed on documenting thermal properties of Irish Soils

3) Ground Loop Sizing Tables – Reference values for sizing geothermal closed loop vertical collectors for Irish conditions leading to future development of correctly sized collectors.

4)  Reporting and Recommendations of of Monitored Operating Ground Source Collectors Рthese were gathered in the initial years of the project


The IGTP Interactive Map provides a useful reference tool for designers.



IGTP 2 Ground Loop Sizing 2015