The Irish Ground Thermal Properties Project has begun a second phase of research with support from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) through the RD&D programme.

Going forward University College Dublin’s School of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering and Geoserv will continue to build on the work of the project with four principal objectives:

1. Increase the database of Irish ground thermal properties and make this information publicly    available through:

  1. a. Testing core samples from newly drilled boreholes as part of the GSI’s 2015 field campaign
  2. b. Undertaking thermal response tests in urban areas of Dublin where rock or core material is not available.
  3. c. Updating the website data and reports

2. Further assess the performance and design of existing ground source heat collectors in Dublin and South Dublin against the findings of the field tests undertaken, in order to better understand collector performance and system efficiency.

3. Develop local scale geothermal collector suitability maps for shallow geothermal resources in the Dublin area (Dublin City centre & South Dublin) based on existing and published data

4. Present the results of the project to key local authority stakeholders including planners, energy agencies and professionals in Dublin and South Dublin to facilitate the integration of geothermal resources as part of on going Energy Planning initiatives.

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